Guest Letters

From Renata Ferraz, Sao Paulo, Brasil:

You were so wonderful to me. Today I was remembering how nice and adventurous it was for me to be in San Francisco all by myself . . . and when I think back, I always feel a strong gratitude for your warmth and care in hosting me . . . It gave me the feeling that I wasn't actually in a hotel, but living close to a very special family.

From Charles H. Brown, M.D., Wyandotte, Michigan:

We feel that Wednesday, July 29th was our lucky day when we found your Ocean Park Motel. From now on it will be our motel whenever we're in San Francisco . . . Most of all we were impressed with the enthusisasm of Vicki, who said, "We love running our motel". When you feel that way after 15 years experience, it makes a big statement.

From Cindy Anderson:

Thank you both very much for accommodating me each and every time I came down to visit my mom and stay in your wonderful establishment. I truly considered it my home away from home. I loved staying there, and I am very grateful to both of you and your staff, for each and every consideration that was afforded to me . . . I've spent many happy times there, and thank you for everything. I hope our paths cross again.

From Gerald O'Connor, Duluth, Georgia: 

We didn't really get to meet Vicki, but your sensitivity, Marc, to the needs and comfort of your guests tells me you are quite a team . . . I don't know when we will be in S.F. again, but be sure we will check with you before going elsewhere.

From Inez M Belson:

I have enjoyed this stay immensely . . . the decor is so homey, and living plants on the wall instead of a phony picture. That kitchen stove reminded me of the stove which was part of my childhood - wet shoes and rainy clothes hanging about. The streetcars and bus noises too, were relaxing, life and motion all about. Thanks to all for your hospitality.